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Ideally we would like for you to stop into one of the shops and look through portfolios and get a chance to speak with one (or more of the artists).
Since this is not always possible (or convenient) we would like to give you a brief introduction to the artists as a place to start.
From here, check out each artist's work online and arrange a time to meet with them.

Who is Where?

In the Greece location you will find: Danny, Kent, Eddy, Joe C, and Stephen

In the Webster location you will find: Joe Pavone , Starr, Pam, and Mariah (when she returns from her leave of absence)

Every artist (in all mediums) has a style and an aesthetic all of thier own.
Please look through each artist's portfolio to see who's style matches most closely what you have envisioned for your tattoo.
Below you will find some general information on each artist as a starting point.


DANNY: Is a young artist who is excited about tattooing and willing to work in all styles. He has a unique graffiti influenced style that is all his own.
He is currently focusing on black and grey work.

KENT: Kent has been tattooing in Rochester and the Central New York area for twenty years. 
He enjoys doing variations on traditional themes as well as black and grey realism.

EDDY: Eddy likes to do new school, traditional, and black and greys. He is well versed in most styles.

JOE C: An experienced tattooer who loves to work in Japanese styled and Traditional type tattoos.

STEPHEN: enjoys working in neo-traditional and illustrative styles, as well as variations on color realism.


JOE PAVONE : Joe has been at White Tiger longer than anyone except for TeeJay. He is well versed and practiced in a variety of styles
and likes to change up what he does frequently to keep inspired in his work.
He enjoys dark imagery and Japanese inspired stuff but is by no means limited to those genres.

MARIAH: (Mariah is currently on a leave of absence and not tattooing)....Normally Mariah works in a wide variety of styles and enjoys them all.
Born into an art familyshe has been surrounded by art her entire life. She likes a challenge and
enjoys working directly with a client to create exactly what they have in mind.

STARR: Starr. What can I say about Starr? Starr is one of the most enthusiastic tattooers that I have met. She is constantly seeking out new inspiration
and driving herself forward with her artwork. She has more fun tattooing than any other artist I have ever met.
No matter what you have in mind, she can help you create your vision.

PAM: Pam works with soft flowing forms and black and grey. Pam can make the mundane beautiful and loves to put lots
of little details into her tattoos. She does a lot of geometric and pointilsm tattooing.
Pam is currently on maternity leave and should be returning January 2016.





Who Does What?

We will often receive inquiries as to "Who does the best religious tattoos?" or "Do you have anyone who specializes in memorial tattoos?"
We do not break down the type of work that we do by subject matter - but rather the styles each artist works in best.
Below are some general styles of tattooing and who's portfolios you can check out that does that type of work.

  Danny Eddy Joe C Joe Pavone Kent Mariah Pam Starr Stephen TeeJay
Americana Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Like if reference provided Yes  
Animal Portraits Yes Yes   Yes Yes Color & Black/Grey yes Color & Black/ Grey Yes color & black/grey
Bio-Mechanical   Yes meh Yes Yes, love it!   no Would like to do more Sometimes  
Black & Grey Yes Yes Yes yes Yes Like Absolutely! sure Yes Love it
Celtic If Provided Yes If provided If provided Yes Only if provided with provided reference Yes! Including custom No custom only
Cosmetic             no     nipple areola complex only
Cover-Ups Yes! Bigger the Better Yes Sometimes Very Limited can do Sometimes small only O.K. Sometimes if Small  
Custom Always Yes Yes Yes Yes, Bring your Ideas! Like of course Of Course Absolutely! only
Fine Line Yes Yes yeah Yes Yes Like Love It some No yes
Flash sure Yes Yes! Yes Yes Like If provided O.K. Yes  
Japanese Stylized Only   OF COURSE! Yes Yes Would like to do more not usually Especially koi & dragons Stylized Only  
Lettering Yep. Make it Fancy Yes Yes Yes Yes Like why yes, of course sure No  
Neo-Traditional One of my Favs Yes there's no such thing Yes Absolutely Stylized American Traditional ehh... depends sure Yes!  
People Portraits         Black & Grey Color & Black/Grey yeah!     color & black/grey
Pin-Ups They're Sexy! Yes Big Yes Yes Yes Love them! Like yes please sure - Fun! Fun! Sometimes you betchya
Realism Yes Yes No Yes Yup Like Bring it! Yes O.K. Yes is my "thing"
Re-Works Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Like   O.K. Yes  
Traditional would like to do more   Yes Yes Love it Stylized if reference is provided O.K. Yes  
Tribal eh, once in a while Yes if he has to Yes rather paint your car black O.K. not usuually   Sometimes  
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