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flying lessons thumbnail wary rabbit thumbnail Delirium thumbnail bear and bunny thumbnail waterbabies thumbnail voodoo dollthumbnail Viking Snail thumbnail Siren and Seahorse thumbnail
Sea Bunnies thumbnail Cairo thumbnail Flying Rodent thumbnail Gypsy Skull Lady thumbnail pair of paintings thumbnail Octobunny thumbnail March Hare thumbnail Introduction thumbnail
Inflicted thumbnail malifibunny Jules portrait thumbnail Patrick portrait thumbnail Hady thumbnail Forest Guardian thumbnail Flying Fish thumbnail Fancy Cat thumbnail
Cat Lady Thumbnail Letting Go thumbnail            

Older Work
WoodFairy Thumbnail Image
Ballet Corpse
Bast Nap
  Heart Council of the Leaf Falling Moon Dog
Dragonfly Girl (Old Sticker)
Awakening Thumbnail
6x6 thumbnail  
SanFransisco Dream
painted arm thumbnail Green Girl  
  Robert's Mermaid
Space bug thumbnail
Home is Where...   Fear of the Dark thumbnail Watch Your Back Its all about M
Brian Sher
flash sheet thumbnail
One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater
Pig Thumbnail
horse painting thumbnail
Jolly Roger Thumbnail  
  Sacred Squirrel Thumbnail Phoenix Thumbnail marley thumbnail
GreenMan Sketch Paul's Girl thumbnail DarkChild Thumbnail
caught thumbnail
GreenMan thumbnail Watercolor Skull   Eye thumbnail Raven Returns Thumbnail Vatican Girl Thumbnail  
Paul Deanna Wedding Tattoo
moth Scarecrow Thumbnail
Mermaid Play Thumbnail Wind thumb Cherub Thumbnail
Bunny Scratchboard Leather Burning
devil sketch
rubber duckie thumbnail swan thumbnail    

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