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Both locations are open for tattoos Tuesday thru Saturday noon to 8pm
(Closed Sunday & Monday)
Please be advised that we may also close for tattoo holidays -
which may include, Filip Leu's birthday,
groundhog day, convention weekends,
National Bubba Day, etc.,
So if you are coming from a great distance or tend to be testy
about that sort of thing...
We suggest you call first.
(585) 621-4460 (Greece) or (585) 872-2722 (Webster)
We work primarily by appointment
(and do recommend them highly)
but if we have time available, we will take walk-ins
on a first come, first served basis.
Since there are more of us in Greece, your odds are better for a walk-in.




So you may well be asking yourself.."How can I get an
appointment with these very talented folks?"

For the artists in Greece it is easiest to speak with them directly - either stop in on a day that they will be in the shop or give them a call and set up a consultation time.
If you do not have an artist preference - just stop in Tuesday - Saturday noon to 8pm and look through the books and/or talk with the artists that are working that day.

For artists in the Webster location it is best to stop in Tuesday through Saturday between noon and 8pm when there is a counter peerson available to help you set up your appointment. Starr can be reached via email. Joe prefers that you come into the shop. Pam is not currently accepting new clients. Britt prefers to consult in person when possible.
If you do not have an artist preference, the counter staff can help you with your selection.

Deposits are required to hold an appointment time and vary with each artist and the amount of work you are booking for. Some artists only accept cash for payment (and deposits).

If you are looking to book an appointment with TeeJay, please contact her directly either by phone or via email before trying to stop in.


Are you coming from a great distance and can't stop in to book your appointment? Please contact your artist directly. Some of us book through email and accept deposits through PayPal, but that is up to the individual artist.

We will not book appointments over the phone without a deposit and authorization from the artist.


All of us accept cash.
All of us Do Not accept Checks (ever).
From there we part ways.
Some of us accept all of the regular credit cards. (Visa, MasterCard & Discover)
None of us accept American Express.
Many of us do not take anything but cash
(So if your appointment card says "cash only" - please take it to heart)

Confused Yet?
Give us a call ahead of time if you are not sure.

Greece (585) 621-4460 or 621-2973
Webster (585) 872-2722 or 872-5553





We are often asked what the standard tip for tattooing is.
The honest truth is that there isn't one.
While we love getting tipped
(and obviously greatly appreciate it)
It is not expected.
It is not required.
That being said, if you want to give us money and/or goodies,
we aren't going to tell you no!


We do not allow infants or small children in either shop.
Is this because we are evil heartless cretins?
Well perhaps, but in addition we have found that people do not want to leave just because their infant is screaming hysterically or their small child is running full bore from one end of the shop to the other. While these things may not bother you - and are normal for the wee ones to do... It can be very distracting to the artists and the running (and jumping) kids actually shake the floor and either one of these things risk ruining someone's tattoo. So please be considerate and leave the kids at home when you come in.
Beyond this small people have a tendency to put things in their mouths that have been on the floor - and none of us want your child to be exposed to whatever could be on the floor in a tattoo studio (even though we bleach mop the workstations every morning).
It's just not a good idea ever.
Please do not bring small kids into the shop.
If your teenager wants to come hang out, we have no problem with that.

White Tiger Tattoo