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Tattoooing for Mastectomy Patients & other types of nipple/areola reconstruction tattoos


While most of my statements here are geared towards clients having tattooing done after a mastectomy, there are other reasons why I have and will tattoo the areola nipple complex.
If you feel that your questions have not been answered here, please reach out to me directly.

I hope to provide information to assist you in learning more about tattooing options. There are sections here on reconstructive and decorative options with and without nipple reconstruction.
Scar camouflage is combined in with bilateral and unilateral photos.
Currently I do not have a separate section to cover trans surgeries. If you are looking for information on male or female reconstructions or constructions - please reach out to me directly. I apologize but I do not have enough photos to be able to post them anonymously.

Thank you,

email: justteejay@gmail.com
phone number for Greece (585) 621-4460
phone number for Webster (585) 872-2722

While White Tiger Tattoo has two different locations (and I can be found at both) I am currently tattooing only at the Webster location. My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

White Tiger Tattoo
1203 Ridge Road
Webster, NY 14580
(585) 872-2722


If you are a patient from another region with questions about reconstructive tattooing - Click Patient Advice

If you are a tattoo artist with questions about performing reconstructive work - Click Info for Tattoo Artists

If you are a medical provider with questions about anything other than insurance - Click Medical Providers

Links to Photos of my work are at the bottom of this page.




What Can I Expect?

Usually I will start out by asking you if you have any questions for me. (So start thinking of 'em now).
When we get into the tattoo room I will explain what areas can't be touched and where you can make yourself comfortable while I set up. There are usually a few things that I wait to set up until after you have arrived for your appointment.
If you have any photos that you would like to show me or talk about color choices, just let me know.
Most clients feel more comfrtable with something over their shoulders, so you may want to bring a shirt that buttons up in the front with you. Also (if possible) wear clothes that you won't be heartbroken if I get ink on them. Usually I don't, but wearing a favorite outfit can be too tempting for Murphy.
Once everything is set up and you are comfortable, I will clean your skin first with alcohol and then again with soap and water.
Next step is to decide where and how big. We will decide placement together often getting up and looking in the mirror until we are both happy with placement. (If you have exisiting tattoos, nipple reconstruction or partial pigmentation, this step wouldn't be necessary.) I will mark the area with gentian purple markers (aka surgical markers or skinscribes).
From there we will try and find a suitable color. I will mix colors and place them directly on your skin so that you can see what tones and color that you like. This is usually the longest part of the procedure as it can be difficult to envision the color tattooed in. If in doubt, please go lighter/smaller as those can easily be corrected later. If you are having 3D effect tattooing done I will have you select the areola color and I will select the remainder of the colors to match your selection.If you have a color swatch or a makeup that you think would be helpful - please bring it along.
The tattooing itself takes about 15 minutes per side. The tattooing is not done on a constant run - but in short bursts interspersed with color refilling on the machine. You can take breaks and have me stop any time that you would like. While the tattooing does hurt; normally I find that the combination of what you have been through prior to this and the damage to nerve endings makes it pretty tolerable by comparison. I do not have access to any kind of numbing products or topical anesthetics. If you have extreme sensitivity or pain in the area that we will be working in - please contact me directly before your appointment and we can discuss possible options.
After we are finished I will let you check everything out in a mirror... make sure everything is ok, explain to you once again (because I will have probably mentioned many times already by this point) that the tattoo will be darker and redder right now than it will be when it is healed.
I will put bandages on you (let you get dressed) and go over the care instructions with you.

General Stuff

Like any medical procedure, you should try to come to the appointment fed and healthy. Unlike normal medical procedures you are more than welcome to have fun during the process. Want to bring a friend? Bring 'em along. Want to bring your own music? - great! bring an iPod with you. Want to celebrate being at the end of the process? Let me know what you would like to do and I will try to help in any way that I can. Please do not be afraid to ask me anything. I work at a tattoo shop - I am difficult to offend. Please do not be scared of the weird tattoo lady - I have a house and husband and (grown) kids and all the usual life stuff - just perhaps with a bit more color.
I want to do everything that I can to help this process be a simple pleasant experience - please let me know what I can do for you.

Booking An Appointment

To reach me at the shops - (585) 621-4460 (GREECE) or (585) 872-2722 (WEBSTER)
We can also receive texts at both of those numbers...
or email me at justteejay@gmail.com

At this time I am unable to accept insurance as payment.

If you would like to use your insurance to pay for your tattooing - you may contact one of the facilities listed below as they have practitioners available who can accept insurance as payment.
I am no longer tattooing out of either of these facilities.

Dr Vega - Vega Aesthetics and Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester

I only tattoo at the Webster location currently.
Phone number to the Webster location is (585) 872-2722
I accept Visa, Mastercard and of course cash.

Out of pocket prices for tattooing at the studio are as follows:

Unilateral conventional tattooing $200
Unilateral 3D effect tattooing $250
Bilateral conventional tattooing $250
Bilateral 3D effect tattooing $300

If you need this kind of tattooing done and can not afford it. Please contact me ahead of time.
I am willing to dontate services for patients who are willing to allow the process to be photographed or otherwise documented (obviously without revealing your identity).
A professional photographer comes in and takes photos for me. These photos could be used here and/or in professional teaching materials.

I have a "Liftime Installation Warranty" on my nipple/areola tattoos. If they ever need to be altered, enlarged, darkened or the color enhanced I do not charge for that.
Fine print = it must be at the studio. I can not do free work at the medical facilities (or I have to pay them for being there). So even if I tattooed you years ago in a Medical Facility, I can still re-do your tattoos at the studio.


Single Side Work


3D Tattooing

Other Options


Care Instructions

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