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3D Reconstructive Tattooing

Some patients (especially those with bilateral reconstructions) may opt against having nipple reconstructions done. This would normally leave them with just a smooth "breast mound". Rather than leave the reconstructions looking unfinished, I began tattooing these patients to look as if the nipple was present.
Many patients find that this option gives them freedom to wear a wider variety of clothing without having to worry about the nipple protrusions being visible but still leaves the appearance of a nipple when undressed.

This technique is also referred to as "The Illusion of Protrusion" and for those with a sense of humor "Pointless Nipples".


This technique is difficult to convey with photographs. If you have any questions at all about this procedure, please let me know.
(Most of these photographs are taken immediately after the tattooing has been completed.)
Many of these photos were taken while the patients were in a reclining position and/or the camera was brought in very close to crop out faces - so positioning may look "off". Also photos are taken immediately after tattooing (except where noted) so coloring is darker and redder than it will be when healed. This is especially noticeable on fair skin tones.


3D Illusion Tattooing of the Nipple Areola Complex

3d illusion tattooing nipple areola complex .3D illusion tattooing. bilateral 3d reconstructive tattooing.bilateral 3D tattooing nipple areola complex.bilateral 3d reconstructive tattooing.Bilateral 3D Gracilis Reconstruction.Bilateral 3D Reconstruction Tattooing.3d Reconstructive Bilateral tattoo.3d Illusion tattooing nipple areola complexBilateral 12.Bilateral 3d reconstruction tattooing.3D effect tattooing bilateral.3D effect bilateral reconstructive tattoo.Bilateral 9.3D effect tattooing including placement marks.Bilateral tattoo 3D effect on single side.3d illusion nipple tattooing.3d illusion tattooing with montgomery glands This tattoo was done on a volunteer as part of a teaching endeavor. It is actually placed on her stomach. demonstration nipple on stomach These are of more conventional placement.- - -

I have had some requests to show these larger - so here is the same right side from the patient above at a higher resolution

These Photos are Completely healed 3D illusion Tattooing:

Healed 3D Nipple Tattooing Healed 3D nipple tattoo _Healed 3D illusion nipple areola complex tattoo

bilateral 3d effect areola tattooing healed-3d effect bilateral nipple areola tattooing healed-3d effect nipple areola tattooing healed

healed 3d effect areola replacement tattoo-healed 3d effect areolar tattooing-fully healed 3d nipple tattoo



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