Bilateral reconstructions

Bilateral Tattooing

When coming in for a bilateral - we are going to have to decide how big, what color and placement. If you can at least tell me "bigger than this" or "these sort of colors" it helps. If you aren't sure I can make suggestions (and show them to you ahead of time). These photos are once again taken immediately afterwards, so they are darker and redder than they will be when fully healed. Many of these photos were taken while the patients were in a reclining position so positioning may look "off". Also note that I will zoom in close when taking photos so that no one's face is being photographed. This will also give the tattooing a more "splayed" look than what is actually going on.
If you would like to bring in a makeup, a color swatch or something else for me to match - that will work. Unfortunately photos are not really helpful unless the lighting is exceptional. While they will give me a general idea I will still need to color match on your skin.


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