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Decorative Options to Reconstructive Tattooing

These pictures are of tattoos that were done at the studio instead of a reconstruction. There are a variety of reasons why someone might chose to not go the "traditional" route. If you are considering doing something different - I hope these inspire you. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you would like assistance designing something special. Also if you have had work of this nature done and would like to send me photos - I will give credit to the artist that did your work. If I did this type of work for you - and it is not here, I do not have a usuable photo. Please contact me if you would like to be included (or just send me a picture). Thanks much ~ TeeJay

cherry blossoms and magnolia breast reconstruction tattoo decorative flower mastectomy tattoo flower heart mastectomy cover up tattoo masectomy scar covered with tattoo Both nipple and ring are tattooed. pierced 3D illusion nipple tattoo alternative masectomy tattooing then added on to later horsefeather - decorative mastecomy tattoo coverupbilateral decorative ornamental bilateral decorative tattooing bilateral ornamental decorative Thistle Alernative

Bilateral Alternative Family Crest Alternative right flower nipple replacement alternative nipple reconstruction tattooing flowers left flower areola replacement bilateral flower tattoo bilateral flower nipple tattoos bilateral flower tattoo with nipple reconstruction Tattooing to cover scar without reconstruction. flowers - (non-reconstructed breast) With pronounced nipple reconstruction. Alternative Nipple Reconstruction This one was actually done on a leg, but could easily be done on a reconstruction site instead (well not just like it, but something similar). jackalope nipple tattoo

Moon & Stars alternative reconstruction This patient opted to have the areola tattooed using the matching color in the shape of a heart. The outside dots indicate where the areola would have been normally. This way if she decides to change back to a more conventional appearance, she can easily do so at a later date. Heart Shaped Nipple Tattoo

alternative tattooing after masectomy sugar skull and flower tattoo after masectomy alternative tattoo masectomy decorative tattoo masectomy decorative lotus mastectomy tattoo

reconstructive and decorative tattoo butterflies and cancer ribbon 3d illusion nipple tattoo

rose alternative nipple tattoo beloved rose alternative tattoo for nipple alternative nipple tattoo after masectomy

This photo (and this tattoo) was done many years ago and has been on this site for a long time.


The lovely lady wearing the leprechaun tattoo had to have additonal surgeries done. The result after her surgery was that she was left with this:

Leprechaun tattoo repair After some discussions on options we decided to make her single leprechaun into a pair... Leprechaun Tattoo Repair Which worked out really nicely. Leprechaun tattoo repair So if you have had an existing tattoo damaged during your reconstruction, there may be options available that you had not thought of previously.

Some ideas I had designed:

decorative mastectomy coverup tattoo idea decorative mastectomy tattoo cover up idea


The tattoos below were done by other artists:


This one was done by Jen Lohrey Carmean at Monarch Tattoo. Jen is involved in p.ink.org.

alternative nipple design by Jen Lohrey Carmean


This one was done by Amanda Pepper at Be My Canvas in St Louis, MO both the design elements and the nipples are tattooed.

Amanda Pepper alternate


I was so pleased to receive the following note and photos that I asked the patient if I could use them all:

Dear TJ,
Thank you for the information (and photos) that you post on your website regarding breast reconstruction tattoos. Because of my sister's blogging and her own research, I learned of 3 D nipple tattoos. When I discussed this with my plastic surgeon (twice over the course of about a year and a half), he had no clue what I was referring to. When I showed him the temporary 3 D nipple tatts I had purchased online, he still needed a little more information from me but finally caught on to the idea and showed me how to measure for proper placement. He very honestly told me I should speak with my tattoo artist and get the permanent tattoos done professionally if I went the 3 D route. I did some research and found your website (among others) and am very much appreciate all the photos you have posted along with the process of the procedure. I knew that I wanted something done besides just the nipple and areola complex, but it was very difficult for me to design a tattoo without being able to see how my ideas might work on a breast mound.

My tattoo artist was very willing to work with me and he took a look at your site, also. I was very excited to be getting my dragonfly/flower tattoo done and thought the nipple tatt would finally finish my post-mastectomies healing process but that it would be non-eventful. I was soooooooo wrong! Chip did the nipple tatt 1st and when I got up to look at it, I was blown away. Not only is it beautiful and realistic, but it takes some of the flatness away from the breast mound (mine don't project out very much) and also makes the scar look much less visible. I didn't think that I was letting my scars and my new breasts bother me, but I feel like a new woman status post tattooing!

My plastic surgeon hasn't actually seen my tattoos yet but his entire office staff has and they were all amazed at the difference between my 3 D tatt and the skin grafts and tatt process they do in the office (with 20 years of tattooing experience). The surgeon has since called Chip and inquired into referring patients to his tattoo parlour.

Again, thank you for the service you provide to people who have endured mastectomies and thanks so much for sharing the photos. I have attached my own photos and the credit goes to Chip Beam from www.artifextattoo.com in Vestal, NY.


Before Mary's Bilateral before tattooing 1 day after Mary's Bilateral tattoo by Chip, next day after 5 weeks Chip's tattoo on Mary's reconstructions Mary's bilateral 5 weeks after tattooing by Chip

Thank you Mary and Chip for sharing these photos with us!

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