White Tiger Tattoo

Medical Providers

I am regularly contacted by medical providers who are or will be providing tattooing services in their facility.

Often these providers feel undertrained or overwhelmed. If you are here for this reason, I would like to be a resource for you. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask them.

The more educated we can all collectively become in this field, the greater the benefit to the patients. No provider should ever feel that they have questions that can't be answered or that they have no where to turn for advice on procedures.


If you are performing tattooing in your area and are able to accept insurance, please forward me your contact info as I would like to set up a referral network of providers in other regions.


If you are looking for information as to the pigments/colors that I am using - the entire set is now available through Eternal Tattoo Supply. It is NOT listed on their website. If you are interested in ordering the set you will need to contact Danielle at Eternal directly. She can be reached by phone at (248) 667-4060 or by email at sales@eternaltattoosupply.com

The Nipple Reconstruction Set contains 22 colors that will cover the spectrum for any skin tone and includes colors for shadows and highlights for 3D tattooing.

Currently the colors are available in 1 ounce bottles only.




(585) 621-4460 or (585) 872-2722


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White Tiger Tattoo

Some example photos documenting a step by step 3D procedure being made on a willing volunteer's arm:

Thom's arm bare and prepped

area marked for tattooing

sample colors applied to the skin

color selections made

tattooing start of shadow

tatooing of 3D shadows

areola tattooed in

finished 3D areola nipple complex tattooing

bandaged tattoo

TeeJay White Tiger Tattoo