Single Side Breast Reconstructtions

Single (Unilateral) Tattooing

Please keep in mind that these photos are taken immediately after tatttooing. Therefore the tattooed side is going to appear darker and redder than it will when it is fully healed.

Every effort is made to match color and tone to the existing side. The original nipple will change color and size in different circumstances, so a completely accurate match is not possible. If you or I have any uncertainty as to what color we should use - I will always choose to err on the side of caution and go lighter or smaller. These can be corrected much easier later on than too dark or too large can be.

single side reconstructive tattooingsingle side reconstructive tattooingsingle side reconstructive tattooingrepigmentationreconstruction

This one below had been done a few years prior to this photograph (finally a healed photo!)

Single 12Single 13Single 14Single 15

The following two pictures are "before and after" of a procedure done by Dr. Langstein called "Nipple Sharing". A portion of the healthy nipple is surgically transferred to the reconstruction site. After healing the tattooing was performed.

Nipple Sharing before tattooingNipple Sharing after Tattooing

single reconstructionsingle reconstruction dark skinsingle side reconstructionsingle side reconstructionSingle Side Reconstruction

This patient had a unilateral tattoo repair done by me and was nice enough to stop by and allow me to take healed photos. The tattooed side utililzes 3d effect tattooing to aproximate the nipple form. More information on the 3d effect tattooing can be found by following the link towards the bottom of this page.

Unilateral 3d effect reconstructive tattooing- unilateral 3d effect tattooing

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